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DirtGlue™ Industrial: Creating Green Eco-Friendly Hard Surfaces / Roadways


  • High UV stability making it long lasting
  • Reduced water absorbtion ‹5%
  • Non-hazardous and non-toxic
  • Ideal for use in environmentally sensitive areas
  • For use in rural roads, driveways and Hardstand areas
  • Paths for council, golf courses and cycleways
  • Construction of BMX tracks, bike and walking trails
  • Landscaping and garden construction

Specially formulated for Road Building

DirtGlue Industrial polymer emulsion is a powerful, high-tech bonding agent specifically engineered to bond soil particles together for road building. A non-hazardous, water-soluble product, DirtGlue Industrial polymer contains no harmful chemicals, will not adversely affect people, animals or aquatic life, and even though it has incredible strength, it is environmentally clean. So it can be applied with confidence to even the most environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetland buffer zones.

Specially formulated for Road Building
stabilised aggregate natural road surfaces using acrylic polymer
golf course construction and maintenance and cycleways, construction of BMX tracks, bike and walking trails, Landscaping and garden construction.
organic natural pavement alternatives for driveways and hardstands non-hazardous, water-soluble product

Exceptional results

DirtGlue Industrial polymer is mechanically mixed into the road surface aggregate binding with the soil to form a tough durable three dimensional matrix that functions like asphalt. This matrix is sufficiently robust and durable that it makes great vehicle driving surfaces, including roads, parking lots, golf cart paths, and driveways.

Long lasting

Most other polymer dust control products on the market use vinyl acetate copolymers. DirtGlue polymer uses a proprietary polymer additive / mix (with no vinyl acetate copolymers) that offers greater UV stability and much better hydrophobicity. This insures each DirtGlue polymer application keeps working long after other products fail.

Easy to use

 1. Prior to commencing application the area should have all drainage issues addressed such that no water will flow across or under the application except through appropriate drainage systems. The base must be stable and well compacted prior to placing aggregate for treatment with DirtGlue polymer. 

  1. If the base contains clay then it should be suitably treated (TerraDry, lime, fly ash, Portland cement, removed and replaced with rock, etc)Lay the proper aggregate down two and half inches deep (if PolyCure is spec’d apply it to the dry soil and blend in prior to DirtGlue Industrial polymer application)
  2. Apply DirtGlue Industrial polymer
  3. Once the polymer is applied to the aggregate mix it into the aggregate very thoroughly (as if mixing mortar or concrete).
  4. Continue mixing until all of the aggregate has the liquid (polymer and water) distributed throughout evenly (a power rake or full depth reclamator is very effective for this if the area is quite large).
  5. Once the liquid is completely and evenly mixed into the aggregate then compact using compaction equipment appropriate for the size of the project.
  6. Ensure that the finished surface is sloped or crowned (whichever appropriate) so as to drain properly and be sure that the edges are slopes so as to have the drainage continue to move away from the treated surface and not run back under the treated surface.
  7. Do NOT make applications when rain is imminent.

The above road building system will create a road that functions and has similar lifespan to asphalt.

DirtGlue industrial polymer is the ideal polymer for building hard driving surfaces by mixing it with proper aggregates.

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