dirtglue polymer controls erosion, material containment and soil capping for environmental issues

DirtGlue™ Polymer: eco-safe and ultra powerful soil stabiliser


  • Erosion control for embankment stabilisation
  • Stockpile capping
  • Sediment control due to water run-off
  • Dust control in non-traffic areas
  • Hydromulching and seeding
  • Environmentally safe and easy to use

DirtGlue™ polymer emulsion is a powerful, high-tech bonding agent specifically engineered to bond soil particles together. A non-hazardous, water-soluble product, DirtGlue polymer contains no harmful chemicals, will not adversely affect people, animals or aquatic life, and even though it has incredible strength, it is environmentally clean. So it can be applied with confidence to even the most environmentally sensitive areas, such as wetland buffer zones.

Embankment stabilisation, Hydro mulching, Hydroseeding for land regeneration
stabilise embankments and batters to prevent and control soil erosion
stockpile capping and material containment for quarries and functions as erosion control, dust suppression and coal pile capping
stabilise embankments and batters to prevent and control soil erosion

Multiple uses, exceptional results

DirtGlue polymer penetrates the surface binding with the soil to form a tough durable three dimensional matrix layer of protection. Combining superior film strength and adhesive properties DirtGlue polymer is the ideal solution for dust control in non-traffic areas, stockpile capping and stabilizing slopes and embankments. When hydroseeding, substituting DirtGlue polymer in place of a traditional, old style tackifier increases germination rate, decreases germination time, and eliminates washouts, rilling and, erosion. In addition, with proper application techniques DirtGlue polymer is capable of creating robust and durable vehicle driving surfaces, including roads, parking lots, golf cart paths, and driveways.

Easy to use, long lasting

DirtGlue polymer is a liquid concentrate that is diluted with water. Dilution rates vary depending on application and performance needs. Product is easily applied using anything that is capable of spraying water ranging from small agricultural sprayers to pressurized water truck and hydroseeding equipment.
Most other polymer dust control products on the market use vinyl acetate copolymers. DirtGlue polymer uses a proprietary polymer additive / mix (with no vinyl acetate copolymers) that offers greater UV stability and much better hydrophobicity. This insures each DirtGlue polymer application keeps working long after other products fail.

Hydroseeding Solutions for Slopes and Embankments

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