GreenTrack – Never water your arena again

How & why it works

Water surrounds individual soil and/or dust particles making the individual particles “float”. When a particle is floated by water there is a space in between each soil particle (a space filled with a microscopic amount of water). If enough water is applied to eliminate all dust, then every soil particle is separated by the water. This separation reduces friction, because the particles no longer touch the adjacent particles directly.

This phenomenon starts immediately when there is optimum moisture content (OMC) in the soil. Once you exceed OMC even by a very small percentage you have mud. If you do not reach OMC then you do not have complete dust control. Wet soil sticks to things, it tracks, it has low co-efficiency of friction, and it immediately begins to dry out (all bad things). Many reapplications of water are needed to create at best modest dust control that is constantly changing in effectiveness.

Chlorides work by drawing moisture out of the air thus dampening the soil. You have the same problem as with water – not enough chloride and you do not have complete dust control. Too much chloride and you have hard and soft spots in the soil, with some areas being over-treated and some areas under-treated. Using chloride can lead to corrosion of vehicles and equipment; and you have health issues with breathing in dried chloride soil as the control goes away. Chlorides require several applications per year, and applications are only effective if there is enough moisture/humidity in the air. Heavy rain washes away chloride, leading to reapplication. The continued use of salts (chlorides) over extended periods of time, kills adjacent vegetation, and pollutes ground water.

GreenTrack works differently

It is specially formulated to absorb into the individual soil particles rather than surround and “float” the particle as water does. By absorbing and not surrounding the particle the individual particles remain in direct contact with each other keeping the soil surface firm, providing good efficiency of friction (traction), no stickiness therefore no tracking. The product is not alkaline, it is not acidic, it is non-corrosive, and nonhazardous. Effective dust control last for about one year (9 – 15 months). Watering is never required. Climate or humidity is not a factor. It does not wash away or dilute in heavy rain. Reapplications after the initial application are done at a much lower rate to ensure highly effective, long lasting control. In the long run GreenTrack applications are always cheaper, are always more effective, and are always better from a health point of view. All this is achieved with no negative environmental issues and no corrosion