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MasonProof masonry waterproofing

MasonProof: Creating Green Eco-Friendly Masonry Water Proofing Solutions


  • Drastic reduction in water absorption & moisture (›90%) improvement of
    water resistance
  • Retention of high water-vapour permeability
  • Permanent or extremely long-lasting effects thanks to good penetration power
  • Advanced technology in highly rated UV ray resistance
  • Adequate resistance to alkalis
  • No gloss and no tack
  • All Aggregate & Masonry surfaces retain their original colours, no changes
  • Low environmental impact
protection from structural damage
effective solutions for long-lasting masonry wateroroofing
 colourless non-film-forming treatment for all masonry
protection from water damage

Moisture protection

When mineral building materials (masonry) come into contact with water, they absorb an amount which depends on their porosity. Water is one of the main causes of structural damage such as cracks, frost damage, algae growth and salt efflorescence. Much of this damage can be prevented or significantly reduced by means of hydrophobic impregnation with organo-silane/siloxane blended compounds. This is a colourless, non-film-forming treatment of mineral substrates (masonry).

Long lasting results

Capillary absorption of water is inhibited long term, yet the substrate’s breathability is not affected, colour is not affected and texture is not affected. There is no skin to peel or damage.
As a technological pioneer in masonry impregnation, MasonProof offers highly efficient, effective solutions for long-lasting, often permanent building protection. The product uses proprietary blend of solvent-free organo-silane/siloxane concentrates.

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