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Project News

DIY DirtGlue Industrial River Bed Restoration

-  - DirtGlue is used to bind pebbles and aggregate together and to create an aesthetic and long term base. DirtGlue is non-hazardous and perfect to use in environmentally sensitive areas. Please give us a call (0249100658) or message if you would like to find out how...

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DIY DirtGlue Industrial Garden Pathways

DIY - Garden Pathways Looking to stabilise your garden pathways and stop footprints coming inside? Then DirtGlue Industrial is the answer. Before photos show the surface is loose Deco Granite After; The DIY'ers have added more natural aggregate, compacted and then...

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Makin Trax Australia

Makin Trax Australia recently completed a 1.2km long Multi-Use Trail in Denman Prospect ACT. They imported 500T of rock to help achieve this amazing result. The deco granite was all imported too and has been stabilised with GES- GTS DirtGlue Industrial product. It’s...

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