StrongStep – Hoof Conditioning Oil

StrongStep is a unique, new generation hoof conditioner that works from the inside out.
It can help repair many common problems experienced with hooves in poor condition.

StrongStep is made using a specific blend of rosehip and other organic oils, undergoing an extensive purification process to ensure the highest quality product.

StrongStep has a unique ability to absorb directly into the hoof wall to both provide and maintain the ideal moisture level.
This improved and long-lasting hoof moisture not only creates strong, flexible hooves but also promotes accelerated hoof growth.

StrongStep does not seal the hoof, like many other products, it allows the hoof to breathe.
This crucial characteristic allows the hoof to regulate the moisture levels in all environmental conditions. No more dry and brittle hooves even in the driest of conditions. Something your farrier will love.

Due to StrongStep’s unique ability to provide optimum hoof flexibility, it may encourage improved blood circulation throughout the hoof and lower leg by helping the frog work better.

StrongStep gives the hooves a nice natural appearance making them suitable for use prior to all competitions. As it absorbs directly into the hoof wall, once dry,
it will not be tacky or collect dust
and debris.

Dosage and Use
StrongStep is applied daily on the whole hoof, including the sole.
Hoof must be clean and dry upon application.
Use more intensively if you need to soften and strengthen dry and brittle hooves and after shoeing, to seal nail holes, and avoid hooves flaking and cracking.

Before using StrongStep

12 weeks of using StrongStep